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2013-07-18 “上海MBA课程案例库开发共享平台建设项目”启动揭牌
To further promote teaching and research from a global perspective on relevant management issues in the Chinese business context, the Steering Committee of the Shanghai MBA Case Development and Sharing Platform is launching the 2018 Global Contest for the Best China-Focused Cases. The contest is open to case developers both inside and outside China.

The contest particularly welcomes those cases that examine China-focused issues from a global perspective and those with high-quality, in-depth teaching notes that incorporate theoretical analyses and/or best practices in their focal areas. Now entering its fourth year, the contest has attracted worldwide attention (past winners: 2015, 2016, 2017). This year’s contest will inherit the basic principles exhibited in our reviewing process in past events, including fairness, justice, and standardization. See below for details of this year’s contest:

Prize Categories
All awards (prizes and award certificates) will be granted by the Shanghai MBA Case Development and Sharing Platform. 获奖案例将由“上海MBA课程案例库开发共享平台”颁发获奖证书和奖金。
The prizes to case author(s) for each Best Case Award (up to 5 winning cases) and each Nominated Case Award (up to 10 winning cases) are RMB 100,000 (pre-tax) and RMB 50,000 (pre-tax), respectively. 中国工商管理国际最佳案例奖  不多于5篇,每篇获奖案例的作者
中国工商管理国际最佳案例提名奖  不多于10篇,每篇获奖案例的作者(团队)获得人民币5万元的奖金(税前)。

Submission Method The Online Submission System will be accessible at www.ChinaCases.Org as of November 1, 2018.
Submission Deadline December 16, 2018
Winner Announcement Date April 18, 2019
提交方式 2018年11月1日(www.ChinaCases.Org网站将开通
提交截止 2018年12月16日
获奖公布 2019年4月18日
Contact Information 垂询联系 +86-21-2890 5345
Review Process
The case review process includes three phases: 本次案例竞赛的评审工作分为三个阶段:
Phase 1 (December 1, 2018–February 28, 2019):  The Case Review Committee of the Shanghai MBA Case Development and Sharing Platform will organize an initial review, a blind review and an area-editor review to decide whether a submitted case can be accepted by the Global Platform of China Cases (ChinaCases.Org) (see Online Submission System for evaluation standards). 第一阶段(2018年12月1日—2019年2月28日):由“上海MBA课程案例库开发共享平台”案例评审委员会组织案例初审、盲审与学科编辑评审,以判断参赛案例是否达到“中国工商管理国际案例库”
Phase 2 (March 1, 2019–March 31, 2019):  The editorial board for management disciplines of the Global Platform of China Cases (ChinaCases.Org) will shortlist up to 10 cases from the qualified case pool. The shortlisted candidates are tentatively the winners of the Nominated Case Award. 第二阶段(2019年3月1日—2019年3月31日):由“中国工商管理国际案例库”(ChinaCases.Org)学科编辑委员会从达到入库标准的案例中评选出提名奖案例(不多于10篇);
Phase 3 (April 1, 2019–April 15, 2019):  An international expert panel will select up to 5 cases from the nominated cases as the Best Case Award winners. 第三阶段(2019年4月1日—2019年4月15日):由国际专家委员会在获得提名奖的案例中评选出最佳奖案例(不多于5篇)。
International Expert Panel 国际专家委员会
P.W. (Paul) Beamish
Ivey Business School

Professor of International Business & General Management; Canada Research Chair in International Management

国际商务与管理学教授; 国际管理学加拿大研究
Details >>>
Pierre Chandon

The L'Oréal Chaired Professor of Marketing - Innovation and Creativity

Details >>>
Richard McCracken
The Case Centre

Director of The Case Centre


Details >>>
YOU Jianxin 尤建新
Tongji University

Professor of General Management; Dean, School of Management, Shanghai University


Details >>>
CHEN Shimin 陈世敏

Professor of Accounting; ZHU Xiaoming Chair in Accounting; Director of Case Center

Details >>>
Submission Requirements
We welcome China-focused cases that address management issues confronted by any company that either operates in China or operates outside of China but is China-based. The cases shall reflect authors’ comprehensive observations and persistent research efforts. The most desirable teaching notes shall reflect authors’ research results. 案例主题围绕中国情境下的工商管理问题,包括中外企业在中国本土遇到的管理问题,或者是中国企业在走向世界的过程中遇到的管理问题;鼓励案例作者对中国工商管理问题进行系统观察与深入研究,并将相关研究内容纳入教学笔记。
1. Only teaching cases are eligible (as opposed to research cases). In principle, submitted cases should be based on field research.
2. In the absence of field research, cases based on second-hand materials are also eligible on the condition that the author acknowledges that all second-hand materials used in the participating case are cited correctly and do not infringe any intellectual property rights of any third party.
3. Submitted cases should be in either Chinese or English. Each case must be accompanied by a teaching note (in the same language as the case).
4. In addition to traditional text cases, we also welcome video cases and other new forms of cases. Regardless of case form, the case must be accompanied by a written teaching note in the same language as the case.
5. The suggested maximum length for cases is 15 pages (including exhibits, appendices). Chinese cases should not exceed 10,000 characters and English cases should not exceed 6,000 words. In principle, the teaching note should not exceed the length of the case.
6. Cases that use second-hand materials should clearly cite the sources of information and adhere to the general guidelines of ChinaCases.Org. Second-hand materials include but not limited to illustrations, tables, and reference literature. (See Online Submission System for details.)
1. 提交案例应为工商管理学科范围内的教学案例(相对于研究型案例而言)。原则上应该是基于作者对企业的实地调研和访谈编写而成的现场案例。
2. 若无法收集现场资料,案例作者可以提交基于二手资料编写的图书馆案例。但是,案例作者必须承诺二手资料均得到合理引用,不会遭受任何第三方的任何权利主张。
3. 案例正文语言中英文均可,但是一篇完整的案例必须具备与案例正文语言相同的教学笔记。
4. 案例既可以是书面文字形式,也可以是视频等新媒体形式,但教学笔记须为与案例正文语言相同的文字版。
5. 建议案例长度不超过15页(含附录),中文案例字数不超过10,000字,英文案例字数不超过6,000单词。教学笔记的篇幅原则上不超过案例的篇幅。
6. 案例中采用的二手资料必须注明资料来源,并遵循“中国工商管理国际案例库”(ChinaCases.Org)入库案例体例规范。二手资料包括但不限于插图、表格、参考文献等。(体例规范请见在线提交系统说明)
Legal Requirements
1. In the submission process, the case author must sign an online Copyright Declaration to proceed:
(1) Once the case is accepted by ChinaCases.Org, the global non-exclusive selling right of the qualified case will irrevocably be granted to CEIBS, and the case will be sold by ChinaCases.Org, which is operated by CEIBS.
(2) The copyright ownership of cases submitted by member schools of the Shanghai MBA Case Development and Sharing Platform is subject to regulations of the Platform.
2. For any legal documents related to any claims on the submitted case, including but not limited to copyright ownership and company authorization, electronic copies have the same legal effect as original copies with regard to this contest.
3. Field research-based cases must be accompanied by an authorization letter issued by the case company. The letter must be signed by a company executive and sealed with the company’s official stamp (see Online Submission System for templates).
4. In principle, participating cases should not be published literature. Nevertheless, if a case has been published (including but not limited to publication in journals, magazines, textbooks, case collections and case libraries open for public reviewing, and web media), the case author(s) must simultaneously submit: (1) detailed information of the copyright owner and exclusive seller (if any); (2) a Letter of Authorization and Non-Exclusive Selling Right issued by the copyright owner and exclusive seller (if any) (see Online Submission System for relevant documents).
5. According to basic academic norms, during our review process, duplicate submissions to other institutions are not allowed (see Online Submission System for details).
1. 案例作者在提交案例时,需要在线签署版权声明:
(1) 一旦案例达到入库标准,该案例全球非独家销售权即一次性、不可撤销地授予中欧国际工商学院,并由中欧国际工商学院运营的ChinaCases.Org负责销售。版税按现行ChinaCases.Org的规定。
(2) “上海MBA课程案例库开发共享平台”成员院校提交的案例,案例的版权归属参照“上海MBA课程案例库开发共享平台”的相关版权管理规定。
2. 案例作者向平台提交的著作权权属证明材料与企业确认书及任何有关权利认定的材料,原件扫描件与原件具有同等法律效力。
3. 如果案例为现场案例,案例作者必须同步提交由案例企业盖公章及经办人签名的《案例内容确认书》(详见在线提交系统说明)。
4. 提交案例原则上应当是此前尚未公开发表的案例;但如果作者提交的案例在此前已经公开发表(包括但不限于在期刊、杂志、教材、案例集以及可公开检索的案例库、网络媒体等媒介公开发表),则案例作者必须同时提交以下资料,方才具备评选资格:(1)案例著作权人及独家销售方(若有)的详细信息;(2)案例著作权人及独家销售方(若有)出具的《参赛及非独家销售权的许可授权书》(详见在线提交系统说明)。
5. 根据国际学术界的基本规范,案例参赛阶段不允许一稿多投
2015中国工商管理国际最佳案例奖 案例征集公告